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Ex-Tiger Selling 1984 World Series Ring on eBay

Alan Trammell didn’t start every game at shortstop during the Detroit Tigers’ incredible 1984 season that ended with a World Series victory.

1984 Detroit Tigers World Series ringRookie Doug Baker was in the lineup four times and on 27 other occasions when he played elsewhere.   Baker may not be one of the names that pops into your head when you think of that team–managed by Sparky Anderson.  But like every other player on the team, he was honored with a World Series ring.

Unfortunately for Baker, it was stolen later.  Luckily, he got it back but not before the Tigers issued him a replacement.  With no need for two rings, Baker is using a San Diego company to sell his original ring on eBay.

In fact, the auction closes Friday.  Baker talks about it with the Detroit News.

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