Ex-NFL Players Sue Over Lack of Compensation

A group of former NFL players is suing the NFL Players Association, saying they weren’t compensated for use of their images on football cards and other items.

Five players filed last week as part of a class action suit in federal court.  The group includes former Minnesota Vikings’ running back Clinton Jones,  former Cincinnati Bengals’ safety Marvin Cobb, retired Washington Redskins’ receiver Walter Roberts and ex-Baltimore Colts’ linebacker Bob Grant.

The class-action lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.   The suit alleges “breach of fiduciary duty by the players association and Players Inc.

$26 million was paid to over 2,000 former players in 2009 over a similar claim but former players now say at least 15,000 other players aren’t receiving compensation despite their images and photos being used on products such as historic-themed video games and football cards.

“We’re just getting started,”  former Cleveland Browns defensive back Bernie Parrish told the Tribune-Review in this story.  “We’re going to finish the fight we started in 2007.”