Ex Player Forced to Sell NBA Championship Rings

1996 Bulls Championship ring Randy Brown earned three NBA championship rings while playing on the Michael Jordan era Bulls. He also made a lot of money. Now, though, his rings are being sold at a bankruptcy auction.

Former NBA player and assistant coach Randy Brown has declared bankruptcy and his three championship rings will be for sale to the highest bidder via online auction at WestAuction.com

Brown, who made a name for himself in Sacramento–first as a player and later as an assistant coach–joined the Bulls just in time to win three straight NBA titles in 1996, 1997 and 1998. He was a member of Kenny Natt’s Sacramento staff fired after the NBA regular season ended in mid-April.

“It’s a tough situation,” says

Dennis West , of West Auctions, the company charged with auctioning the rings. “Randy seems like a really good guy, and he was a great player. However, these are tough times for a lot of people from a variety of backgrounds. People are making difficult financial decisions, and for some that means bankruptcy.”

Brown’s three NBA championship rings are expected to hit the auction block on May 19 and will be sold as a group. Bidding will start at $19,000.

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