Even Olympics Have Own Game Used Auctions

Toews signed hockey puck Vancouver’s Olympic Committee will generate revenue from the sale of Olympic memorabilia, thanks to auctions and sales conducted by an industry player located right in their own backyard.

It was certainly handy.

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Gameday Auction? In Vancouver, too.

The Canadian sports memorabilia company made a deal to acquire and sell off a huge number of items from the Games now taking place in B.C.

Gameday will get competition-used items from athletes competing in the various events, although the entrant won’t be forced to give up anything he or she doesn’t want to let go.

Signed Joe Thornton Olympic card “We’ve entered into a deep contract with VANOC for all the assets, we’re assuming we’re going to get all of them, even up to and including the podiums,” Gameday managing partner Jon Curleigh told a local media outlet. “We would never take a bib off an athlete’s back if they wanted it, or if the (International Olympic Committee) wanted something we’d make sure we cooperate with them.”

They’ll get pieces of the nets used in the gold medal hockey game and even the podiums on which the medalists stand when getting their gold, silver and bronze and hearing their national anthems.

Gameday will hold auctions in Vancouver, but they’ve already secured autographs from some big name NHL players and put them up for bid. A variety of signed Olympic programs, tickets, commemorative pucks and photos are already being sold on eBay.