eTopps Program Has Collectors Waiting to Pounce

How does a $20 sports card become a $200 card in a matter of hours?

Topps’ on-line exclusive trading cards continue to have an audience. During the baseball season, eTopps launched an all-new concept – the RRO (Restricted Rookie Offering) and the company has carried the concept over to this year’s much-anticipated NFL rookie class.

At any given moment, eTopps will offer an unannounced limited-time Rookie card available on-line. When it is offered, it will be available in a window that last anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours. So collectors must keep an eye on eTopps or they could miss out on the next hot rookie card.

Last week, the RRO program offered Green Bay Packers Rookie AJ Hawk. The card was offered one weekday afternoon from 5:35 PM to 5:45 PM. Hawk’s card was available for $20 and when that 10 minute window closed it was soon being traded on the site for a whopping $200. Hawk’s eTopps card has easily become one of the hottest trading cards on the eBay market with cards generally selling for between $150-200.