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ESPN’s Jim Caple on What 1988 Topps Cards Reveal

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They still wore stirrups.  Cable was still new to some folks.  The Braves were on The Superstation.  And there was a baseball card shop in any town that had a few thousand people living in it, or nearby.

Like thousands of others across the country, Jim Caple was a little caught up in the suddenly red hot card market as the 1980s headed toward the finish line.  He bought a set of 1988 Topps cards and stuck them in a closet.  Twenty-seven years later--still a bit of a collector--he opened it up for a peek into the past.

We all know anything from 1988  is worth about what you might have paid for it back then--if that--but the industry and baseball itself was on the precipice of change.

Opening the box and peeking through the 700+ cards still lined up neatly inside--with no holograms or shiny coating--was a trip down memory lane.

It also revealed a lot of truths about what was to come.  Here's his column, Off Base.

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