VIDEO: ESPN’s 30 for 30 Visits Pete Rose Autograph Station

Contrary to popular belief, Pete Rose has a job in baseball.  Maybe not the one he’d like to have, like managing a baseball team, but he still gets paid to hold baseballs and bats and jerseys, sign his name, take pictures and market himself as The Hit King.

Despite signing thousands upon thousands of autographs since his playing days ended, there are still people willing to go to his regularly scheduled signing session inside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and pay him for a signature, a handshake and a little conversation.

From an industry point of view, Rose has all but flooded the market with signed items.  From a fan’s point of view, he can never sign enough.  Maybe the lines aren’t out the door, but it’s how Pete Rose makes his living.

He just turned 71 last month and apparently he still needs–or wants–the money.

ESPN’s award winning 30 for 30 documentary series went to The Strip to catch up with the man who’s still waiting for a reinstatement that may never come.  The video is worth seven minutes of your time.