Error Card Becomes Original Gehrig Sketch; ALS Fundraiser

A printing error on a 20-year-old card from the Conlon Collection has become something much more special.  The Lou Gehrig card missing the Iron Horse’s picture was turned into an original sketch card and it’s now being sold to raise money for the disease that claimed Gehrig’s life more than 70 years ago.

Illustrator Chris Henderson, who has contributed to a variety of sports and non-sports issues, got ahold of the card that had stats on the back but a plain white front and drew a pen and ink sketch of Gehrig on the blank canvas.

The #111 card from the 1991 issue is being auctioned on eBay with 90% of the proceeds slated to benefit  the ALS Therapy Development Institute.

Although the card is part of the official set, the sketch was not part of the actual release.

The black and white drawing of Gehrig was made from one of the more famous photos featuring a smiling Gehrig leaning on a batting cage.

Henderson has done hundreds of sketch cards and also illustrated over 200 base cards for 2008-2009 Superlative Bleu Blanc Et Rouge Hockey,  2008-2009 Superlative Franchise Hockey,  2010 Topps National Chicle Football, 2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball, and his work is slated to appear in other upcoming sets.

The ALS Therapy Development Institute was created to  discover viable treatments for ALS as quickly as possible.  It’s staff of 30 scientists and research technicians is executing the world s largest research and development program focused exclusively on ALS, to discover and advance novel therapeutics for treating and ultimately curing ALS. The unique, non-profit biotechnology receives the bulk of its support from patients and their families.

You can see the card and bid on it here.