Elway Recalls Card Collecting Days

Not many remember anymore, but John Elway had his choice of sports to pick from when it came time to decide on a pro career.

He was a standout baseball player at Stanford and teams were lining up to try and convince him to take that route instead of football.

1984 Topps John ElwayIn the end, though, there wasn’t much of a decision to be made.  Elway, as good as he was, was not a cinch to be a big league star.  He was almost certain, however, to be a star in the NFL.

It took awhile–and some nastiness over his refusal to sign with the Baltimore Colts didn’t win him any friends early on–but Elway eventually became a two-time Super Bowl champion Hall of Famer.

He has his hands in lots of different projects these days, including a gig as spokesman for Topps’ 2010 football cards.

Elway talked with ESPN.com about his own childhood card collecting habits.  He says he had his favorites and also discussed whether he collects anythin today.