Eisner Getting Baseball Card Bargain?

One Wall Street blogger says those who bought Topps got what’s potentially a great deal.

The $385 million buyout by former Disney CEO Michael Eisner’s private equity firm, Madison Dearborn Partners LLC, is generating quite a bit of attention on Wall Street.

The sale won’t be completed until later this year and Topps is still free to seek better offers. One Wall Street veteran–and former card collector–has some thoughts at SeekingAlpha.com.

By the way, Eisner has been a busy boy. His investment company launched a new business Monday called Vuguru, an independent studio that will produce and distribute original content for the Internet and emerging digital platforms.

"Vuguru’s goal is to be the leader in producing high-quality, story-driven content for the Internet that up until now could only be found in movie theaters or on television," beamed the company press release.

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