Egraphs Put Digital Spin on Autographs, Interaction

Egraph David Price

Egraphs Puts Digital Spin on Autographs, Interaction

Autographs on your iPad? It’s now possible with the arrival of Egraphs, a company that launched its new venture Thursday with several big leaguers ready to send a digitally "signed" photo with personal message–and an audio greeting tailored to your request.

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Traditional autograph collectors may scoff and any future resale possibilities may be limited, but that’s not necessarily the market Egraphs is after. 

For an ‘introductory price’ of $50, you can pick out an online photo and send an email to players like David Price, Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz. They’ll use an app that allows them to ‘e-sign’ the picture and add a message based on your note, then record a 30-second greeting for you as well. You can also order a framed version for an additional sum. 

It’s more of a player-to-fan interaction for those who want a personal connection but don’t have the desire or means to fight other traditional autograph seekers. 

Former big leaguer Gabe Kapler is among those involved.

The internet was buzzing with talk about the launch of the site and what it might mean–if anything–about the future of autograph collecting.  Players know they likely won’t be re-sold but will they also shy away from signing tangible items in person?  They say no.

Here’s an overview courtesy of the Tampa Times.  A couple of Rays’ execs are among the principals of Egraphs.
No Sharpie necessary for next generation of autographs – Tampa Bay TimesNothing will replace the experience of getting a player to sign; a new website makes it easier. ST. PETERSBURG – Rays manager Joe Maddon …
In its story, says Egraphs “will expand to about 250 players on Aug. 12. 
Sabathia, Dickey Go to iPads to Sign $50 Digital AutographsMiami Marlins reliever Heath Bell went to games as a kid in Southern California with a baseball and a pen with the goal of getting a play…
A Bloomberg News video of Kerry Wood signing.
All-Star Pitcher Wood Signs Autograph With EgraphsJuly 12 (Bloomberg) — Kerry Wood, an All-Star pitcher who retired in May after a 14-year career that included 12 years with the Chicago …
Rays’ manager Joe Maddon was having fun with it.
Hey @KeithOlbermann, pretty excited about My first one goes to you Maddon
Collectors on the Blowout Cards forum gave it mixed reviews, although some apparently aren’t quite getting the fact that it might not be a real rival of traditional autos.
Egraphs launched today – Blowout Cards ForumsAnyone heard of this company? I just heard about them today and the launch today. Will Egraphs, technology, replace traditional autograph…


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    Egraphs Puts Digital Spin on Autographs, Interaction

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    Egraphs Puts Digital Spin on Autographs, Interaction