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Editor’s Blog: ‘Win a Card’ Game Among Walk-Ins in Collinsville

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Among the items that walked into the All-American Collectors Show in Collinsville, IL on Sunday was a Milton Bradley ‘Win a Card’ game.  For those who haven’t seen one, it was a board game produced in the late 1960s that used real baseball and football cards as well as some non-sports.

A few have made it into online and catalog auctions over the years and sell for good money because of the uniqueness and because of the cards that are inside.  Among the baseball cards that was in the very well preserved game that was pulled out of an attic by its owner just to see what it was worth was a very nice Nolan Ryan rookie card.   Several other Hall of Famers were part of the cards included with the game including a 1967 Joe Namath.

Not a bad little summer cleaning find.

The baseball cards are distinguishable from the regular Topps cards by way of their bright yellow color as opposed to the orange-ish backs found in gum packs.

It’s believed 132 were included in each game and they were originally packaged in cellophane.  A game with most of the cards still unopened sold at auction for more than $6,700 in 2007.

The seller’s asking price was $2,000 and he was still carrying it as the show came to a close.  Still fun to see one and he’ll have no trouble getting rid of it.


Apparently the blockbuster deal between the Red Sox and Dodgers last week came in time for Topps.  The company says its 2013 Baseball Update Series will include cards of Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Nick Punto, James Loney in uniforms of their new clubs.  The end of the annual trilogy,  Update will also feature all of the other roster moves that took place since early spring, rookie call-ups, and 2012 MLB All-Star Game participants.

2013 Topps Update is scheduled for release on October 1.


We always like to see new card shops opening up.  Assuming the new owners have worked up a decent business plan, it shows the hobby still has a pulse at the retail store level.  Here’s a brief story about a new one in Urbandale, IA, near Des Moines as one former businessman decides to live his dream.


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