Editor’s Blog: Weekend Edition

A few news and notes to round out the week…

Topps is revealing more plans for its diamond ring promotion in association with the company’s 60th anniversary celebration.

Next week, 10 random Topps Home Team Advantage (HTA) stores will receive the ring within their special Diamond Anniversary Store Kits.

In every six packs of the soon to be released 2011 Topps baseball, collectors will find a Diamond Anniversary Pin Code.  Once unlocked, not only will they receive an original Topps card, a real diamond-embedded Topps card or special Diamond Die Cut card, but they’ll get a virtual shovel to dig for prizes.  Collectors digging up all 60 unique virtual diamond rings will receive the actual Topps 60th Anniversary Ring.

Topps 2011 baseball is set to release Wednesday. Dealers, what are your thoughts on Topps’ decision to bump up the date and are you excited about the product? Collectors, what do you like/dislike from the previews?  Shoot me an email ([email protected]).  We may include your replies (and a link to your store or web page) in our next story.


Babe RuthA new graphic image company designed to sell directly to consumer and to wholesalers has opened its figurative doors at the website www.PlanetGiant.com. The website features thousands of historical sports and celebrity photographs for purchase in a variety of forms, and will ultimately draw upon the more than 35 million images housed by its affiliated company, Rogers Photo Archive.

PlanetGIANT features images collected from some of the nation’s top newspapers and magazines such as Sporting News, SPORT Magazine, and Chicago Sun-Times. Private collections have been amassed as well.

The company will offer photos, laptop skins, murals and other products with a wide range of prices.


During the two days before Super Bowl XLV, NFL legends will meet and greet with fans and sign football memorabilia at Gameday Connexion at Grapevine Mall about 20 minutes from the stadium, including:

* Eric Dickerson (Friday, February 4, starts at 7:00 p.m.)
* Joe Greene (Friday, February 4, starts at 7:00 p.m.)
* Emmitt Smith (Saturday, February 5, starts at Noon)
* Ndamukong Suh (Saturday, February 5, starts at 2:00 p.m.)
* Colt McCoy (Saturday, February 5, starts at 4:30 p.m.)

The price per signing ranges from $20 – $279.


Topps’ Gypsy Queen product will include a special “Royal Jewels” card featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton.  They’re scheduled to be married in April, right around the time Topps’ latest issue hits store shelves.