Editor’s Blog: Vintage Card Market Strong, New Shop

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1952 Topps Mickey Mantle sold by Just CollectCredit to the San Diego area’s North County Times for doing a series of articles on card collecting this week.  We’ve brought you links to each of their stories.

Some haven’t painted a very rosy picture of the modern market, which isn’t surprising.  Unfortunately much of what was written is right on the money, albeit a re-hash of what’s been written about countless times elsewhere over the last 4-5 years.  Still, it’s the first in-depth look at the hobby by a daily newspaper in a very long time, and on Tuesday, they did offer a much shorter piece on the strength of the vintage card market.


Always good to hear about a new shop opening.  If you’re somewhere near Loudoun, Va., Nice Hit Sports is a new option.  The local paper profiles the owner’s new venture.


Rosenblatt Stadium, former long-time home of  the College World Series, was auctioned piece-by-piece on Thursday.  The Series has moved to a new ballpark, but for fans in Omaha, and those from around the country who watched their teams play their year after year, it was worth grabbing  a piece of baseball history.

Action 3 News was there to see what sold for what…and why: