Editor’s Blog: Topps Countdown; We Get “Hyperboled”

Topps’ Top 60

The votes are in and Topps has started its countdown of collectors’ choices for the top 60 Topps cards of all-time.

Topps Diamond Anniversary#60 is the 1973 Mike Schmidt rookie card.  The company will count down cards 60-1 over the next couple of months.

To celebrate the company’s diamond anniversary, Topps will then buy back each of the 60 cards that made the list and include them in its 2011 Topps Series 1 Baseball product.

“The countdown will certainly stir up friendly debate between fans and we look forward to creating buzz and excitement around the availability of these top cards in our upcoming 2011 product,” said Topps’ VP-GM Warren Friss.

Verbs Can Be Your Enemy

A blog that bills itself as quite the hobby whistle blower has indicated we “advertised” a recently pulled Topps  Tribute 1927 Yankee autograph book card which it says contains fake signatures of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

Actually, we carried the news of the card being pulled by a collector and consigned to Beckett Select Auctions last week.

That’s it.

We didn’t tell anyone to go buy it.

If the consensus is that the signatures aren’t real, that’s an issue for Topps, Beckett and the authenticator to deal with.

But never let facts stand in the way of good hyperbole.

Nice Gesture

Magazine Exchange owner Roger Barry remains a believer in industry investment and collaboration, even with the trying times and tight margins in today’s card and collectible business.

That’s why Magazine Exchange, a distributor of sports and gaming cards and collectibles, will provide 10 hobby shops with Retail Scholarships to the 2011 Industry Summit, scheduled March 20-23 in Las Vegas.

“Loyal customers are the lifeblood of our business,” said Barry, now in his 35th year leading the Magazine Exchange team. “Last year’s Summit was a positive, forward-thinking event for all classes of trade, and we really wanted to share the Summit with more of our customers in 2011.”

Barry admitted that he debated such a significant investment – but only for a few moments.

“In challenging times, it becomes even more important to work together to create solutions and improvements, on a store level and on an industry level.”

For more information on the 2011 Summit, visit www.regonline.com/vegas2011 or contact Summit host Kevin Isaacson at [email protected]