Editor’s Blog: Topps Prime Update, Packers on Wheaties, We’re Getting Faster

Topps will polish off its set of 2011 Prime 9 redemption cards with the addition of Ichiro and Sandy Koufax.  They will be card #’s 8 and 9 in the Series Two set.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the company has a designated “Prime 9 Player of the Week”.  Collectors holding the corresponding Prime 9 Redemption card for that week can bring the card to their participating local HTA store and redeem it for an exclusive limited edition Topps Chrome Refractor.

Redemption cards can be found in Series 2 Hobby packs (1:18) and Jumbo packs (1:5).  Each card is denoted by a Week number (1, 2, 3, etc.).

The “PRIME 9” series includes:

Week 1 (July 19th) Johnny Bench, Catcher (redemption card #1)

Week 2 (July 26th) Albert Pujols, First Base (redemption card #2)

Week 3 (Aug. 5th) Jackie Robinson, Second Base (redemption card #3)

Week 4 (Aug. 12th) Derek Jeter, Shortstop (redemption card #4)

Week 5 (Aug. 19th) Mike Schmidt, Third Base (redemption # 5)

Week 6 (Aug. 26th) Hank Aaron, Left Field (redemption # 6)

Week 7 (Sept. 2nd) Mickey Mantle. Center Field (redemption # 7)

Week 8 (Sept. 9th) Ichiro (redemption #8)

Week 9 (Sept. 16th)  Sandy Koufax (redemption #9)


The NFL season starts tonight with much fanfare.  It’s Packers and Saints at Lambeau.  Even Wheaties grabbed a little pre-game gusto by announcing  two limited edition boxes featuring Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.  They’ll be featured on special boxes available only in Wisconsin later this month.

Rodgers will be on the regular orange box with the always fired up Matthews on the Wheaties FUEL brand cereal.

“Both Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews exemplify what Wheaties champions are — leaders on the field and in their communities,” said Betsy Frost, Wheaties marketing manager.

“It is a privilege for me to be selected to participate in the Wheaties program and to be presented on the box is something I never imagined as a child,” said Rodgers in  a press release. “It is certainly a tremendous honor.”

Matthews echoed this sentiment, noting that “I am truly honored to be one of the players selected to represent the Green Bay Packers on the Wheaties legendary boxes. Last season was a very special year for our team and I consider it a great privilege to play for a top-notch organization with such amazing teammates and great coaches. We are grateful to be featured on the Wheaties box and look forward to trying to do it again this upcoming season.”

I always liked Wheaties but I could never eat them without a little sugar.  Once upon a time, you could try to collect all of the various Wheaties boxes featuring various athletes until they went the regional route.  I’m not sure how many different boxes they’ve produced since Pete Rose popped up in the mid-80s but it has to be well into the hundreds.

There are over 2,300 Wheaties items on eBay right now…including some of those way cool 1930s box backs.

I love this DiMaggio box back, even though it’s low grade.  How many survived over the years?


Our crafty programmer is hard at work making some internal changes to the website this week.  You probably won’t see anything different, but you should notice that our pages will start to load faster.  It’ll be quicker to navigate  which hopefully means a better overall user experience.

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Lastly…we’re being hit with a lot of 9/11 anniversary coverage this week and while you may sometimes feel like enough’s enough, here’s one column you should read.  It has nothing to do with sports cards or memorabilia, but it is very powerful stuff from the very talented Rick Reilly of ESPN.com.