Editor’s Blog: How I Spent My Weekend, Court Update, Hockey Jersey Video, Free Stuff

We hope you had a great three-day weekend. We had a ‘working holiday’, spending much of it on the ongoing remodeling of the office. New paint, new carpet, new storage.

For the last week, I’ve been displaced, working off a laptop. Now, the behemoth L-shaped titan I call a desk is back in order and while there’s much to be done, it feels better to have my empty box friends back on the bookshelves, helping inspire me (see picture above).

We also had another conference with Unopened Pack Guy about our forthcoming e-book on collecting 1970 Topps baseball cards. This book will be different in that we’ve accumulated numerous photos and production codes for the unopened Topps products of that year, tossed in some trivia and basically created something that’s big, fun, educational and definitely worth the $4.97 asking price. It’ll be available for download via Amazon.com very shortly and will be the first in what we hope is a series of these.

The fight between Robert Edward Auctions and Peter Nash continues with a new revelation in Manhattan Supreme Court last week:  Nash and his wife admitted not filing tax returns from 2005-2009.  That could be a sticky wicket considering the amount of material Nash is believed to have consigned to auction houses during the period.

Five years ago, REA sued Nash over a $1 million payment it said Nash borrowed but never repaid.  Since then, president Rob Lifson and his attorney have won a $760,000 judgment and Nash was declared in contempt of court for not providing the tax papers.

Attorneys for Nash, the former rap star who writes the Hauls of Shame blog, left the case over unpaid bills and Lifson claims he’s still owed a large amount of money.

The New York Daily News reported on the latest development in the long-running case.


How many NFL brothers played on the same team long enough to be featured on football cards in the same set?  Not many but enough for Nearmint to write about it.

Check out the pix and the story here.


Want a ‘tour’ of a classic game worn early 1970s hockey jersey?  Take a look at the short video below of the Guy Lafleur shirt consigned to Classic Auctions.  Even if you’re not a jersey collector, it’s interesting.  Years ago, a Canadiens fan obtained it through a friend with ties with the  organization and gifted it to his son.

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