Editor’s Blog: Rescued from the Trash, Diamond Giveaway, 1950s Coolness

SchulteNFL charter Baltimore Colts 1953 Auctions was recently consigned one of the most significant documents in Baltimore sports history.  It is a 14 x 16 original Baltimore Colts NFL Charter from when they entered the NFL in 1953.  Amazingly, the document was thrown in the trash before being rescued and eventually loaned to the Sports Legends Museum.

Now, the owner is looking to find a Baltimore area sports fan to buy it.  If one can’t be found, it’ll go to auction.

The trip to the trash did result in some damage but the document has undergone restoration.  It’s signed by the late NFL commissioner Bert Bell.


In continuation of the 60th Anniversary celebration, Topps will be adding 40 additional 1/1 diamond cards (featuring real diamond chips) to the mix.  Collectors can unlock special diamond 1/1 cards from popular 2011 rookies including Dustin Ackley, Mike Trout, Eric Hosmer and Michael Pineda.   Diamond Anniversary code cards are inside Topps Series I and II and Topps Update.  The codes can be unlocked at DiamondTopps.com.


Here’s another great old photo.  Actually, it’s a copy of the Detroit News’ weekly Pictorial magazine, distributed with the Sunday paper and dated April of 1955.  An All-American youngster going through his baseball cards.  Just pretend you don’t see what he’s doing with the cards.