Blog: Reggie, Dale Jr. Talk Collecting Passion; ’77 Cloth Case, NFL Rookie Premiere

The Oakland A’s held a 40th anniversary reunion of their 1974 World Series championship team at which Reggie Jackson told the San Jose Mercury-News for this story that he’s been buying back some of his old game-worn jerseys from the era.

Editors BlogJackson has been a collector for years and owned dozens of his 1969 Topps rookie card at one time.


The Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Up Finals jerseys will be sold by MeiGray.   L.A. reached the championship round with a 5-4 win over the Chicago Blackhawks Sunay night.  MeiGray, the NHL’s game-worn partner, will be authenticating and marketing  one set of black and one set of white jerseys with the 2014 Stanley Cup Final patch.

MeiGray will start taking pre-orders today by working off the request list they have been compiling from collectors who’ve been asking.  Prices for the 19 game-worn jerseys (18 skaters and 1 goaltender) will range from $1,750-$10,000. 

The Kings will be wearing two sets of black and two sets of white jerseys in the Stanley Cup Final. The first set of black and white will be the ones available to collectors. They will be worn until one team in the Final reaches three wins.


Cloth stickers 1977 Topps unopened caseOne thing I always wonder about is how many pre-1980 unopened sports card cases are still intact and sitting quietly in the collections of collectors, dealers or investors who are waiting for the right time to bring them to market.

Here’s one you don’t see very often:  a 1977 Topps Cloth stickers case, which I spotted on eBay Sunday night.  Sixteen 36-count boxes from a set laden with stars.  How did the cards hold up after all this time?  We’ll never know unless someone buys it and opens a box or two.


Autographed 2014 NFL draft pick cardsThe NFL Rookie Premiere wrapped up in Los Angeles on Sunday.  Part of the gathering of NFL rookies includes marathon signing sessions for the trading card companies.  From the looks of things, the quality of player penmanship isn’t going to improve with this year’s class…but after reading this story, Jadaveon Clowney seems to be the kind of guy who will embrace being the face of Panini football cards.

Topps also kept the rookies busy signing their cards, including the upcoming 2014 Inception Football issue (photos here).


Did you know Dale Earnhardt Jr. collects?  He’s on eBay, sometimes buying up things that catch his eye.  He just signed a major sponsorship deal with the auction giant.


True rookie cards from just prior to World War II that would be rookie cards today?  How about these two?


What was the worst sports card trade you ever made?  One 1980’s kid recalls a deal that he still regrets some 25 years later.