Editor’s Blog: Rare Ruth Card Smoking Hot, St. Louis Show Cancellations, Man in Uniform Pulls a Gem

One of only five known 1916 Babe Ruth cards issued by The Globe Store is up for bid and there is no shortage of interest.  Bidding for the card 1916 Globe Store Babe Ruthoffered by Mile High Auction Company and graded 55 by SGC is over $55,000 not including the buyer’s premium that will be tacked on.  The card is the same as those distributed through The Sporting News and other outlets but far more rare with the Globe back.

It isn’t a surprise they’re hard to find since they were only issued in the Boston area 96 years ago.

Makes you wonder if there may be cards from other, smaller cities with stores that gave them away with their own advertising that haven’t been discovered yet because only a few were handed out and a tiny number survive.

Bidding ends Wednesday night.


St. Louis Sports Collectors has canceled its autograph guest lineup for its November 4 show and will not have a show on December 2.

The owner/promoter of the long-running shows there, Dave Jackson, has been hospitalized for nearly three weeks.  It was reported via the group’s website and Facebook page that Jackson’s health is improving but that the November show will be its last one of 2012.  The November show will go on without any signers.

In business since the 1980s, St. Louis Sports Collectors holds monthly shows at the Two Hearts Banquet Center as well as three-day shows a few times each year, all of which draw collectors from throughout the Midwest.

“We want to thank everyone for their get well wishes and we have been passing them along to Dave on a regular basis,” reads a statement on the company’s website.


Wouldn’t it be great if only those who really deserved them pulled the great cards out of trading card products?  Here’s a really nice story about one guy who did.