Editor’s Blog: Promote Your Black Friday Event Free; Penny Listings

As we did last year, we’ll be offering up some hobby-related online black Friday specials from various merchants we’ve discovered.  It’s likely the list will be up late Wednesday or Thursday.  If you have a hobby business have a legitimate and specific Black Friday promotion (it can be something that runs Wed-Sunday), shoot us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll add it.  Free publicity…just a little pre-holiday gift.


It promises to be a week of sales and discounts.  Most will be aimed at trying to put you in a buying mood.  eBay is trying to appeal to the seller in you on Monday.  All day long, the company is running a one-day, one-cent listing promotion.  Your insertion fee will be a penny.

Sellers who don’t have an eBay stores subscription can  list fifty items Auction-style  for free now, up to 50 listings per month.   After those 50 have been used, the 1-cent promotional rate will kick in.

Sellers can also save 20% on Final Value Fees on all transactions with a free expedited shipping service plus 1-day handling that end between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Click here to list.


Here’s another great old unopened pack.  Thanks to reader Ken Meyer for sharing little pieces of his collection.  The 1957 cello pack with the Topps Guild ad is extremely rare.  According to Ken, these are sealed differently that the regular 1957 cello packs.  Note the Al Kaline card on the back.  Is there a Mantle inside?

Unopened 1957 Topps cello pack