Editor’s Blog: No Holiday Break for BBCE, Cubs & The National, Maravich Jersey Cut Up, Ripken’s Minor League Cards

How did you spend your Fourth of July?  Relaxing?  Eating? Watching fireworks?  Steve Hart and Reed Kasaoka of Baseball Card Exchange were doing all of those things several hundred miles apart, but when you’re in the business of buying and selling baseball cards and a big opportunity comes along, there are no holidays.

July 4BBC ExchangeA call came in during the day from a seller who had a massive stash of modern era unopened cases and boxes.  BBCE makes its living flipping such things to an rapt audience of buyers, so the call was answered and interest expressed.

There was one catch.

The seller had some 4th of July picnic ants in his pants.

He wanted to strike a deal…now.

If they could come to an agreement on a price after looking over an inventory list and before the first ‘boom’, the deal would be made.  If not, there would be no second chance.

They huddled by phone, made an offer that was accepted and went back to their holiday plans.  They’ll pick up more than 3,500 unopened boxes of cards (1993-2007) from the satisfied seller after the National Sports Collectors Convention in early August.

That’s called striking while the iron is hot.  And that’s a lot of product.



1938 Cubs press pinSpeaking of the NSCC, the Chicago Cubs will have a kiosk in the lobby of the show all week.

They are home at Wrigley Field to play the Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday-Sunday during convention week.  Wrigley is just a short trip from the Convention Center.

There’s a Topps Archives giveaway planned at the Friday afternoon game and a Kyuji Fujikawa bobblehead day on Saturday. Thursday is a night game while Friday and Saturday are 3:05 starts and Sunday’s game begins at 1:20.

You can order tickets by clicking here.


Panini America released a video that shows the process of how they turned jerseys into swatches for trading cards.

The jersey they picked is no ordinary shirt.  And if you’re of the mind that historic items shouldn’t be sliced up into swatches, this might make your stomach turn.

The jersey they cut up had been purchased at auction last year:  a Boston Celtics’ Pete Maravich model from 1980 that cost the company $18,000. The swatches will be part of 2012-13 Gold Standard Basketball, which was just released.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, the video will, at least, give you an idea of how the process works.


Which Cal Ripken minor league card is the hardest to find?  Courtesy of the Ripken in the Minors Facebook page, here’s a nice chart that shows his four minor league cards and how many had been graded as of earlier this week.