Editor’s Blog: News & Notes from Around the Hobby

Apparently it’s 1960 World Series month in the memorabilia business.  You may have seen our link to the story about Bill Mazeroski’s jersey.   That’s not the only momento from the ’60 Series that’s come out of hiding.

The Treasure Hunters’ Roadshow came to Vermont last week and a former scout for that team sold a 1960 World Series ring to the company.  No word on what he got for it, but we’re guessing he didn’t shop it to any auction houses–all of whom would have loved to had the chance to sell it…and two mysterious bats that came along with it.


Word is that the NFL Players Association’s revenues have declined quite a bit over the last year and leading the way in the licensing and merchandising division was the football card segment.  Revenues  fell 32 percent, to $18.2 million, from $26.9 million the prior year, according to BizJournals.com.


Josh Wilker’s Cardboard Gods has been a big summer book hit, drawing rave reviews.  Many of the country’s larger newspapers have reviewed the book and Wilker is spending a lot of time on tour.

He’s no longer a collector, just a writer who took his late 1970s baseball cards off the shelf and wrote essays that tied the players and their cards into the fabric of life.  The Boston Globe caught up with him as he did a book signing at Fenway Park with Bill Lee.


Topps’ Finest Rookie Redemption card #5 will be Reds’ pitcher Mike Leake.  See the card below.

2010 Topps Finest Redemption Mike Leake