Editor’s Blog: News and Notes from the Courts to the Cops

Status hearings for two sports memorabilia dealers charged with fraud in connection with the sale of faked game worn jerseys have been postponed until January 24 according to a filing in U.S. District Court.  Unlike four others who were charged and reached plea deals with the government,  Bradley Wells and Eric Inselberg have thus far opted to contest their cases.  The reason for the delay in the status hearings is because of the court’s busy schedule


Someone in Rome, Ga., is missing baseball cards and autographed baseballs valued at $20,000 according to a local law enforcement agency and the Rome News-Tribune.

The memorabilia was stored in a building behind a residence.  No word on what cards were stolen but the Floyd County Police say they were “rare”.   We’re told the baseballs in question were autographed  by every team the Atlanta Braves played in 1976.

Some cases were found scattered near the house, according to the newspaper.


Remember the threesome accused of swiping a boatload of sports card boxes and toys worth about $30,000 during a week and a half long crime spree across New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania last month?  It turns out there is some good that’s going to come out of it.

Theresa Lynn Warner, 40, her son Justin Scott Warner, 17, and her fiance Christopher Dimaio, 39, were charged with stealing between $20,000 and $50,000 worth of merchandise from 91 Kmart, Walmart and Toys R Us stores.  They kept good records of what they stole, say police, and now that the ill gotten booty has been recovered, one of the KMart stores that got hit has decided to donate all of the stolen items to the local Toys for Tots campaign rather than putting them back on the shelf.