Editor’s Blog: National Autographs, Cam’s Pants, Rookie Shoot

The NFL’s Rookie Premier Photo Shoot is getting started in Los Angeles with 36 rookies-to-be in attendance.  They’ll pose for photographs to be used on this year’s football cards and  sign autographs for the card companies while getting to know each other.

There’s a tremendous amount of card company-generated hubbub for this event, although why I’m not quite sure.  I suppose if you’re there it’s kind of fun but the posed and faked action shots from guys wearing “event” jerseys of their new NFL team just ain’t that exciting.  We did learn that they’ll be wearing the jersey colors of the NFL teams that drafted them but the numbers on those shirts will be the ones they wore in college.

Saturday is the day they takel photos at the L.A. Coliseum, home of the NFL’s…Ra…Ra…um…never mind.


The National Sports Collectors Convention is getting closer.  Those who go for the autographs will have a lengthy list to sort through when deciding what to spend their money on.

Tri-Star Productions has now sorted out who’s signing on which day but we still don’t know exactly what they’ll all cost.  The official lineup should be set in a little over a week.

The Chicago Daily-Herald is talking about the big show here.


Would you pay $1500 for the pants Cam Newton wore in the BCS championship game last winter?  These guys did.