Editor’s Blog: Legal Bills, Smash ‘n Grab, Snip ‘n Swap

There’s never a dull moment in the hobby.

Well, OK, sometimes.  You’ve never tried coming up with stories the week between Christmas and New Year’s have you?

This Editor’s Blog almost wrote itself.

We start with the always interesting New York Daily News, which has a story about legal bills associated with this court case….and who’s paying them.

Read Michael O’Keeffe’s story here…but don’t forget to come back because we’re just getting started.


Canadians love their hockey.  And their hockey memorabilia.

Case in point…this story out of British Columbia which proves some will literally put the pedal to the metal to acquire a signed jersey.


Then, there’s this from the Morning Interlake in Northwest Montana, where men are willing to risk prosecution to claim what is rightfully theirs:

Burglary was reported on Birch Drive after a woman said her estranged husband came to her home and took his baseball cards.


You don’t have to commit a crime to earn an autographed basketball from the NBA Western Conference champs.  All you have to do is be willing to visit your local urologist and…geez, I can’t even type it.

You’ll have to read about it  in the Dallas Morning News.


OK…enough craziness.

No product introduction has generated more mainstream media coverage than the video trading cards being produced by Panini and Upper Deck.

Scoff if you must–and it doesn’t mean they’ll be a hit–but a lot of mainstream press can’t be a bad thing for the hobby as a whole.   We even get a few snippets of  fresh info through their stories once in awhile.

Here’s the latest piece from the Toronto Star.