Editor’s Blog: Kareem Lawsuit Update, Hockey Jerseys

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s $1 million lawsuit against Upper Deck over the use of photographs from his UCLA days in the sports card maker’s products is making its way through the southern California court system.

The latest word, according to TMZ.com, which has the court papers, is that UD has asked for a change of venue.  The company would like to have the trial in San Diego rather than LA because of Kareem’s celebrity status and notoriety there.

We’re guessing people in San Diego know who he is, too.

It would seem to be a shorter commute for the folks in Carlsbad, though.

By the way, did you know that Pearl Jam recorded a song about Kareem after the big fella apparently blew off bassist Jeff Avent–a huge hoops fan?

Here’s a link to them having way too much fun doing the song in Philadelphia.

The lyrics?  Glad you asked:

Power high, power low
You could take ’em all to school
You could fly, wilt the stilt had nothing on you
Lambchops and afro-do, Milwaukee Bucks and a barbecue
#33 just like you

Sweet Lew, how could you?
Sweet Lew, makin’ me blue

A Laker trade their Bobby-D for a house, a guru by the sea
A little help from 32, showtime, and worthy
Those were the days, pre-investment spree

Sweet Lew, is it true?
Sweet Lew, how could you?

I grew up trying to copy you, Bruce Lee, and a kung-fu
Act a jazzman, yogi too
Little did i know, a loose screw
But you had your own shoe
Build him high, build him tall, a taiku with a basketball
Tear ’em down, one and all
7’2″ is a long way to fall

Sweet Lew, how’s the view?
Sweet Lew, how could you?


MeiGray is gearing up for the NHL regular season.  They have exclusive deals to tag and sell game-worn jerseys for several teams.

This from the company:

“For 2010-11, MeiGray has agreements with these 10 clubs: Boston, Calgary, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, New Jersey, Nashville, Ottawa, Philadelphia, and Washington. Each team will structure its individual game-worn jersey program with MeiGray to best suit its fans and the collecting public. MeiGray regularly talks to non-program teams about joining or rejoining our program. Announcements regarding additions to the 2010-11 lineup will be made as soon as a team joins or re-joins the program.”