Editor’s Blog: Jeremy Lin Merchandise Keeps Sellers Busy as Linsanity Grows

Just when you thought it would die down.  It had to.  Didn’t it?  Apparently not.  The improbable, eye-popping, jaw-dropping Jeremy Lin NBA story added yet another chapter Tuesday night when he dropped a three-pointer with a half-second left to give the New York Knicks a three-point win over the Toronto Raptors.   He scored 27  of the Knicks’ 90 points.

Lin rookie cards are already driving collectors crazy.  Sell now while the iron is hot?  Buy since it’s only the start of what could be a world-wide phenomenon?

Several more Lin rookie cards sold Tuesday night, immediately after his game-winner.  Now, his every big moment is already an opportunity for sales, and not just on eBay.

Replay Photos, within minutes of the shot dropping through the net at Air Canada Centre, had the picture online and up for sale (see it at the left).  Relationships with AP and Getty Images are good that way.  You can buy it here.

One New York sporting goods retailer told CNBC that it had 60,000 Jeremy Lin jerseys, photos, shirts and other memorabilia on order.

Linsanity, a phrase coined barely a week ago after he sprang into the lineup and onto the collective conscious of sports fans, is now the subject of trademark talk.

In which country is regional interest the strongest for Jeremy Lin NBA information?  Not the United States.

It’s Hong Kong.  Taiwan is number two.  The Philippines is third.  Singapore fourth.  Then the USA. In China, he’s already a sensation, especially with the country’s Christian population.

Lin’s unique ethnic background in the NBA will open doors the league has been trying to break down for years.

It could be great news for Panini America, which may see its basketball cards sell in places they never even thought of before…assuming they can crank them out fast enough.  The company says it’s 2012 Hoops basketball cards will begin shipping Monday, with Lin cards in tow. The buildup alone may drive sales through the roof.

The market for Jeremy Lin NBA jerseys and memorabilia, assuming he does become a bona fide star, will be Jordan-like in its reach.  His background as a Harvard grad, rags to riches story is made for Hollywood, but it’s more fun to live in the moment.