Editor’s Blog: Houston Couple Selling Card for Fertility Gaining More Attention

You might remember our story a couple of weeks ago about Todd and Ula Nelkin, the Houston area couple hoping to sell a 1999 Passing the Torch Barry Sanders-Walter Walter Payton Barry Sanders Passing the TorchPayton autographed card to help them conceive a child. The money would go toward in vitro fertilization for Ula after the couple’s unsuccessful attempts to start a family. The card has been graded BGS 10 and could sell for $15,000 and up.

Todd, a card store owner, and his wife, say they want a child before they get too old to keep up with one (Ula is 42 and Todd is 45).

Now, they’re getting some mainstream attention as they prepare to launch the eBay auction. Check out the story on KTRK which says Sanders heard about their plight and has offered to send an autographed card to soften the blow of the impending sale of one of Todd’s best cards.


It may be a tough sell, but with the publicity, maybe their goal is in reach.  Another  card in a BGS 9.5 holder offered for $5,000 on eBay.  The Nelkins’ card will be on the block starting the last week in October.


  1. […] and Ula Nelkin offered the BGS 10 graded 1999 Donruss Elite card signed by both the late Walter Payton and Barry Sa… late last month.  The couple, who operate a local card shop and also supply minor league ballparks […]