Editor’s Blog: Guilty Plea; House of Cards; Shop Opening Advice

You might recall the story about the Michigan woman accused of embezzling $1.1 million from her employer and using a good chunk of it on her own fun including an apparent attraction to sports cards.  When investigators checked out her house, there were dozens of boxes and albums jammed with cards.

Apparently, the evidence was pretty strong.  She’s entered a guilty plea according to MLive.com.  We’re not sure what she had, but you can bet they’ll wind up in an auction as the company tries to figure out a way to get its money back.  We hope she didn’t have an addiction to 1990 Fleer.


One of the down sides to having a large collection is that at some point, you’ll probably have to pack it up and move it.  Maybe more than once.  Depending on your job or life situation, it’s not likely you’ll stay in the same house forever.  One man in Washington has a collection he’s been adding to since the 1970s.  He’s got over two million cards.

Now, he’s put the house up for sale–and the buyer gets his card collection and a 1957 Bel Air hardtop.  Here’s his story.


Ever ponder opening a card shop?  It’s not easy.  But running a successful store isn’t impossible if you put a lot of thought into what you’re doing and have a sound business plan.  It’s something a lot of people dream about.  Here are some questions and answers on the subject.