Editor’s Blog: Gehrig Bat, Yankee Stuff, Tainted Ring

What may be the last Yankee home run bat used by Lou Gehrig has been bid up past $107,000 in SCP Auctions’ catalog sale.  The bat, used in spring training 1939, was given Bing Russell Lou Gehrig game batto Bing Russell, grandfather of actor Kurt Russell and a young regular in the team dugout immediately after Gehrig crossed the plate on a trip north just prior to the start of what would be his final regular season appearances.

SCP also has the Julius Erving collection up for bid and Dr. J’s championship rings are already drawing a crowd of bidders.  His 1983 NBA Championship ring stands at $94,948, while his Nets’ ABA bling from ’74 and ’76 each sit at $51,880.  There are still 11 days to go in the auction, which also includes Muhammad Ali’s trunks from the Fight of the Century, Frazier-Ali I (currently at $74,022).


The official, game-used “Second Out” baseball from Mariano’s 602nd save game on September 19, when he eclipsed Trevor Hoffman’s record, is on the block via Steiner Sports. Bidding is at $2,500.  The uniform Rivera wore the day Derek Jeter got his 3,000th hit has been bid up to $4500.


A 1986 Penn State National Championship ring given to accused child molester Jerry Sandusky was on eBay this week–but has now disappeared from the listings.

The seller told Deadspin.com that he bought it from a broker three years ago and is a huge collector of PSU memorabilia who decided to part with it.

The scandal involving Sandusky may not have had a lot to do with the ring’s final value.  It could have brought $6,000-10,000 just as a sought after championship ring from an immensely popular (or what used to be anyway) program.   The ring was pulled Tuesday night.