Editor’s Blog: First Pack of Cards, Topps TV Special

Do you remember your first pack of baseball cards?  Or have they all sort of blended together over time?

SI.com’s Steve Rushin put fingers to wax for the first time back in 1974 when Winfield was a rookie and the Padres almost moved to Washington.

Fast forward to 2011 and he’s one sports dad who couldn’t wait to get some cardboard into the hands of his young son.  How young is too young to bust wax?

Two is apparently OK…judging by the reaction of the youngster.

His father happily turned it into a fun column.


Few details about the content have come out yet, but we can tell you that next Tuesday, March 29, MLB Network will devote one hour to baseball cards.

“Cardboard Treasure” celebrates the 60th anniversary of Topps and will air at 10 p.m. EDT.

Crews visited Beckett headquarters in Dallas last month so we know they’ll be a part of the show, produced by MLB Productions.


Tennis great Pete Sampras, the victim of a storage unit break-in last fall in Los Angeles, reluctantly went public in hopes that some of the memorabilia stolen would be returned.

It took awhile, but it looks like he’s gotten most of it back.

The L.A. Times says it was found…outside a hospital.  Read the weirdness here.