Editor’s Blog: Fed Up? Stop Putting Money in the NFL’s Pocket

Two editions of the Editor’s Blog in one night?  Well, let’s just say it wasn’t planned that way.

Full disclosure first.

I always tell people when they ask which team  I root for that “I’m a fan of the game first.”

That’s a bit of a lie.  I’m a  fan of the Green Bay Packers.  I’m actually part owner of the team along with a couple hundred thousand others who own shares of stock that are essentially worthless.  I stopped being a huge fan when I covered the team for awhile.   Luckily, I don’t anymore because I grew up in that neck of the woods and have fond memories of being at Lambeau Field as a kid.  Like western Pennsylvanians who bleed black and gold or New Yorkers in love with the Jets or Giants, I can’t deny my feelings.  That doesn’t change how I feel about the current situation in the NFL.  I’ve been saying since it became obvious this lockout of officials wouldn’t end until the games counted that it had the potential to become disasterous.

It just did.

There have been bad calls all year.  Countless mistakes.  Some may have impacted the outcome of games.  I’m not going to list them all.  You’ve seen them.  Maybe your team was a victim.   Last night’s debacle took it to an entirely new level.  The league tossed out its motto of “get it right” and just towed integrity out into Puget Sound instead.

It’s simply not a genuine football season at this point.   You can’t have an important part of the product in the hands of amateurs this long and act like all is normal.

The NFL is screwing you over a few bucks.  The league that essentially prints money doesn’t care one bit that it’s charging you full price for an inferior product.  They gambled.  Now, after a game was clearly stolen away from one team in front of a national TV audience, they’ve lost.

Big time.

It takes a lot to turn America’s favorite game into a joke, but somehow Roger Goodell and the league owners have done it.  Blown calls in a game seen by 1/10 of the country is one thing.  Blowing the most important call of the night and impacting the season in front of millions from Honolulu to Cape Hatteras is an absolute, unmitigated  farce.  It has to be their worst nightmare.

They don’t care.  So neither should you.

It’s too bad the card companies have already paid the NFL because I wonder if the only way the NFL gets the message is if you stop putting money in their pockets by buying NFL licensed products.   Money talks, after all.

The NFL says they’ve made a fair offer to the officials in an effort to end the situation but the refs won’t budge.  There comes a time, though, when you have to admit defeat.  That time is now.

Put an asterisk on the season.

Last night it was the Packers.  Next week, it could be your team getting the shaft.