Editor’s Blog: Fantastic Find, Fakes Show Hobby’s Ups and Downs

We all love great finds and we didn’t have to look far to find them this year.  They’ve all been chronicled here so I won’t review history but I will say that the year isn’t over and the hobby gods smiled one more time.

Long time hobbyist Dan McKee’s eagle eyes spotted a one-of-a-kind item coming out of an old general store in the Pittsburgh area recently.  The contents of the decades old shop were being auctioned and while the items went online, they escaped notice by many.  McKee had found what is believed to be the only known display box of 1939 Foto Fun Baseball–and over 30 unopened packs.  Exactly where they’ve been all this time, we don’t know but the discovery is what a lot of folks were talking about on Tuesday.

The cards were unique in that they required some rudimentary photo developing techniques to create them.  The packs included a tear off cover and instructions on how to turn the negative inside into a player photo.

The set has over 90 players including some Hall of Famers and the penny packs are beyond rare.  We now know that boxes held 100 of them.

One pack is for sale on eBay now.

We can only hope 2013 has as many new discoveries of old stuff as this year has revealed.


On the down side, collectors are fearful that they’ve been the victim of fraud.  An individual built up trust over a period of months via online forums and then sold ‘mystery lots’ to buyers who sent as much as $5,000 to him.

That was several days ago.

He hasn’t been heard from since.


The success of some of the members of the NFL’s 2007 rookie class has fraudsters cooking up more fake autographs on their Topps Rookie Premier cards.

It’s been an ongoing problem.

Scammers have either created cards or managed to locate a quantity of unused extras and planted phony autographs of Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and others on them.  The cards sometimes sell for a few hundred dollars to unsuspecting buyers.

Sports Cards Uncensored has been writing about the problem for a few years and believes there are “hundreds” of fakes in the marketplace.



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