Editor’s Blog: Cypres Museum, Stolen Footballs, Our New Apps

A few notes as we wind the year to a close…

We’ve found a lot of stories online about the phenomenal collection built by businessman Gary Cypress in southern California.  The L.A. Times caught up with Cypres, who turned his fabled collection into a museum several years ago.

In Oklahoma, police are looking for whomever is responsible forstealing some autographed footballs from the office of some teed off lawyers.

In Minnesota, the Vikings are apparently going to get a new stadium, which led one reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press to do some long term thinking and ask about what the final tickets, programs and other memorabilia might bring.


Have an iPhone or an Android phone?  We’ve got some new apps for you that’ll put you directly in touch with Sports Collectors Daily from your mobile device.  Yes, we know they aren’t fancy.   Essentially, it’s just some links to the main site, but it’s a start…and it’s now two-touch simple to call up our stories while you’re on the go.  Click here for the iPhone app and here for the Android version.  You may have to allow your browser to temporarily accept apps outside the market.

Don’t forget to friend us up on Twitter and Facebook, too.  As I write this, we are just four Twitter followers away from 5,000.  We really should give away a prize for #5,000 but I don’t think I could find one in the midst of the office remodeling.


We’ve got a few more stories to bring you tomorrow, but we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and say thanks for our best year yet.  Don’t be a stranger.  Use the ‘contact’ form to get in touch anytime.