Editor’s Blog: Cops Arrest Suspected Card Thief, Plates and Patches, Quincy Show

A suspected thief made it easy for Cincinnati area police.  He tried to sell is ill gotten booty at a local card shop.  No Wagners in the loot, apparently, but an alert card shop owner is the man responsible for putting him in jail.

WCPO-TV has a few more details including the suspect’s name and mug shot.


The facts aren’t quite all correct and the story is rather brief,  but a tip of the cap to WGEM-TV in Quincy, which thought the 23rd annual mall show was worthy of a little coverage. former relief ace and current Cardinals’ broadcaster Al Hrabosky was there, which brings to mind one of the greatest signs I ever saw at a baseball game:

“Hwe Hwant Hrabosky” it read.


Panini unveiled its Plates and Patches football card product on Monday with a company box break.

At $150 per pack, it’s clearly aimed at those who prefer the big hit.

To unveil the cards, they brought along the man who was in charge of securing the autographs for the company.