Editor’s Blog: Big Bids on Colorless Plank; Grown Daughter Accused of Stealing Mom’s Mantle; O.J. Signs Mayo Jar

A few links we couldn’t pass up…

Bidding on the “albino” T206 Eddie Plank card being offered by Goodwin & Company has surpassed $77,000.  The card with the Piedmont back was apparently printers Albino T206 Eddie Plank cardscrap back in the day but now some see it as a collecting rarity.

The card has a sharp cut but has been graded as ‘trimmed’ by PSA as it’s believed cut from a sheet.  It was originally owned by well-known collector Barry Halper and sold when Sotheby’s liquidated much of Halper’s holdings in 1999.  Paired with another, standard issue low grade Plank with an irregular cut, they sold ungraded for $18,400 at the time.   It sold again in 2009 via Heritage Auctions for $26,290 so the three-year investment is turning out to be a winner for the consignor.

The card  is one of five Planks known to exist with the Piedmont ad on the back.

Bidding ends tonight.


A vintage Mickey Mantle card was reported stolen by a Connecticut woman last summer.  Police found it at a pawn shop and believe they know who did it.

The woman’s daughter.

Arlene Gasper is charged with conspiracy to commit sixth degree larceny, according to this blurb in the Fairfield Citizen.  Less than a year ago, she got in trouble for assaulting an officer and other shenanigans after police say she got extra drunk.


We’ve often wondered why more fans don’t try to have a little fun with their autograph collections.  That’s why our hat is off to this Dallas Mavericks fan who waited in line while O.J. Mayo was signing at a local store and had him sign…a jar of mayo.  For the photos, we give you to the Dallas Mavericks’ blog where it appears O.J. took it all in good fun.  What, no orange juice carton?