Editor’s Blog: Baseball Card Museum, Lady Collector, Heroin and Cards Don’t Mix

He owns one of the best T206 baseball card sets in existence (yes, he’s got a Wagner), all displayed on his office wall.   Detroit-area attorney E. Powell Miller loves his cards, but he’d also like to have even more people share in his love of baseball.

He’s been chasing rarities and complete sets for a decade and told Patch.com that he’d like to open a baseball card museum nearby to show off his collection.


She may not have quite as much disposable income, but Ruth Boger has a similar passion for baseball.  The 51-year-old North Carolina woman is the music director for the local Lutheran church who started collecting baseball cards ten years ago when she was recovering from back surgery.  Since then, she’s amassed about 25,000 cards.

“I’ve been a baseball fan a long time,” she says. “… That’s what intrigues me — the old baseball paraphernalia.”

She’s no investor–hers are of the affordable variety, according to this story in the Salisbury Post.


We’ve had a few baseball card/crime stories lately, but here’s one with a twist.  A Fairlawn, Ohio man was arrested for theft after loss prevention folks at a Giant-Eagle store  say they caught him trying to walk off with some boxes of cards.

If that’s all he was carrying, it would have been regrettable but not likely a case that would lead to serious jail time.

Unfortunately, arresting officers say they found more than just Freddie Freeman rookie cards.