Editor’s Blog: Arrest in Stolen Card Case, Stock Tips, Harper Autos

You might remember our story last month about the Michigan collector who forgot to lock his car door and wound up losing a 1951 Parkhurst set worth thousands of dollars to a car-hopper.

It’s a little hard to sell 60-year-old hockey cards without attracting a little attention among the locals and area law enforcement officials say they’ve captured the man responsible.

He’s a 20-year-old now facing felony charges and sitting in jail, according to this story the Livingston Daily.


Are good times in the near future for publicly-traded companies who deal in sports collectibles?

Maybe, if you believe some stock analysts.

Dennis Askew of Small Cap Network likes the parent company of PSA and PSA-DNA, as well as Dreams Inc., which runs ProSportsMemorabilia.com, Mounted Memories and the Field of Dreams retail shops.

He’s also bullish on a collectibles insurance company.  You can read his analysis–and see the current stock prices–here.


It has to be strange to have so many people want your autograph before you turn 20 years old and your name isn’t Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber.  If your name is Bryce Harper, though, you sign it–a lot.

“The Natural” may be playing baseball in Washington D.C. within a year, but for now, he’s in nearby Hagerstown, Md.,  toiling in the minor leagues.  That hasn’t stopped fans from flocking to the park in hopes of snaring his autograph to show off now–or hold for the future.

The Herald-Mail takes us to the action.