Editor’s Blog: 1952 Drug Store Scene, Florida Collector, 9/11 Jerseys

Even if you weren’t born in the 1940s and can’t remember the time, you have to appreciate a little slice of Americana–and collecting history.  Sports Collectors Daily reader and pack collector Ken Meyer forwarded a series of great pack-related photos this week.  Some I’d seen before when some of the items have been offered in major auctions or at the National, but others were new to me–and probably most of you.

We’ll be sharing some of them in the coming days, but first up is one little frozen moment in time that really captures the start of the golden age of collecting.

Click it to enlarge.

It’s a picture of what seems to be a small town drug store/liquor store with a couple of kids outside.  Standing sentinel just outside the door is a baseball card vending machine that dates the photo–and the cards that rest inside–to 1952.sports card vending machine 1952

The cars look more like tanks.

You can stop in and buy yourself a Hamm’s Beer.

I’m hoping the kids are discussing a potential trade.

What we all wouldn’t give to step into that picture with a nickel right now.


Some collectors are also super fans.  Case in point is Hjalma Johnson, who is one of the University of Florida’s biggest backers.  He’s also got a collection of memorabilia that takes over a good portion of his house.  Tampa Bay Online profiled a man who has met enough presidents, athletes and coaches and brought back enough stories to fill anyone’s tape recorder.


If you’re looking for something really unique and want to contribute to a great cause at the same time, we may have the answer.  Jessica Azbell is CEO of Fallen2Light, a company specializing in creating unique and commemorative items that are sold to raise funds for the victims of horrific tragedies.

They recently launched their Remember Them 911 initiative, which includes special football jerseys.  Each one is adorned with the name of a victim of the September 11 terrorist attacks.  It might be something Redskins, Giants or Jets collectors would consider getting autographed by players from the 2001 teams.  Either way, the story done by the Los Angeles CBS affiliate just prior to the NFL’s opening weekend is worth watching (after the Raiders commercial):