Economy Puts Squeeze on Dealers, Promoters

Gas may have dipped below $4 per gallon in some parts, but times are still tough for those who make a living selling–or collecting.

No matter how much you may love unopened boxes of sports cards, your autographed footballs or game worn jerseys, putting food on the table and filling your gas tank take priority.

Not a lot of people leave their hobbies behind when times get tough, but skyrocketing consumer prices mean we may not spend as much. It’s a problem for businesses which typically rely on a narrow bottom line anyway.

Even dealers and show promoters in sports-crazy New England–home of the champions in baseball and basketball–are feeling the pinch.

"I think the tough economy is affecting all of us," says one promoter of baseball card shows there. "Memorabilia comes under the discretionary spending category."

Mike Sullivan of the Portsmouth, NH Herald-News surveyed the market.