eBay Tips to Keep Everyone Happy

It seems simple enough. Millions of people do it, including the vast majority of sports collectors and dealers.

Selling on eBay can generate profits, but it’s always a good idea to brush up on some of the tips to help you maximize current– and future–sales. There are still plenty of sellers who still haven’t gotten some of those basic tips down.

Some include:ebay new logo

  • Create an “About Me” Ebay page which includes as much information about yourself and your business as possible. It’s free advertising, allows buyers to get more familiar with you and build a trusting relationship. People like to buy from those they feel comfortable with.
  • Start your items at $9.99. You’ll save a little on every listing if you don’t go over the $10 figure.
  • Watch eBay’s home page for sales. They often run listing specials–some for auction style listings and others for fixed price items. There is often little notice given–sometimes just a day or two, so it’s best to check back a few times a week.
  • When leaving feedback, mention the specific item you’ve bought or sold. Again, it helps your presence in the online community. If you sell something, buyers who didn’t win your item may ask if you have another or they might ask what other vintage baseball cards you have if you mention that 1957 Topps Sandy Koufax in the feedback section.
  • Use keywords. If you’re selling, think like a buyer. What will they be searching for? Use “Upper Deck” instead of “UD”. Use “Red Sox” in the title if you’re selling a Fred Lynn game-used bat. A Red Sox fan who doesn’t normally collect bats might bid anyway if he thinks it’s a great piece for his team collection.
  • Don’t cheat your buyers. Be descriptive. You’ll cut down on returns and disappointed winners. eBay now has a nice text editor that will help you create attractive listings. Take time to describe the card or piece of memorabilia in specific terms. Volunteer that you’ll answer questions and be friendly. Would you buy from someone who fills his listing with rules, regulations and threats just because he’s had a few bad experiences?
  • Be prompt. When buying, make your payment on time. When selling, promise fast delivery and deliver on that promise. You’d be surprised how many repeat buyers you’ll get.
  • Take a few extra minutes to pack EVERY item you sell with care. It doesn’t take much more than cutting up a box made of thinner cardboard, putting your card(s) between the pieces, taping around the outside and putting it in a bubble mailer.
  • Buy a small scale. You can get postal rates on the USPS website. You’ll know how much it’ll cost to ship the package ahead of time and you can guage your costs accordingly.