eBay Reaching Out to Sellers With Live Events

eBay thinks you’ll benefit from a series of special interactive seminars aimed at teaching sellers how to boost sales.

eBay sellers recognize that a marketplace with 90 million active users makes it the best place to start an online business. And to help small-business and part-time eBay sellers accelerate their businesses on eBay, the company has announced a new series of events called eBay: On Location.

eBay: On Location, which kicks off March 19-20 in Atlanta, will bring small-business and part-time eBay sellers together to network and gain practical knowledge about building and growing their businesses on eBay.

Event attendees will hear from national speakers, as well as eBay’s own experts, on timely business topics and will participate in an engaging, actionable agenda of classes designed to help sellers be more successful on eBay.

eBay seller Bryan Goodman plans to attend. "I’ve always been impressed by the variety of online tools eBay provides to its sellers: tips, trends, checklists, dashboards, you name it. eBay: On Location will give sellers a chance to learn what’s worked for others and hear from the experts about what else we can do to be successful," he said.

After Atlanta, the event will travel to three other U.S. cities:

— Dallas (May 7-8)

— Chicago (July 9-10)

— San Jose, Calif. (Sept. 1-2)

eBay: On Location courses are geared toward the interests of people who sell on eBay part-time, as well as those who have set up small businesses on eBay and earn a significant portion of their incomes from their eBay sales. Attendees may register for various class sessions, including the following:

— "Top Seller Secrets": eBay Top-rated sellers reveal their secrets and tips for taking an online business to the next level.

— "Productivity Power": Experts share their advice on streamlining and managing a business to boost sales and reduce costs.

— "I Just Tweetered on FaceSpace": Sellers make sense of new online tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogger engagement to creatively market and increase sales for their businesses on eBay.

"eBay sellers have become savvier about how to use eBay in ingenious ways," said Jim "Griff" Griffith, senior manager, Seller Strategy and eBay’s Dean of Education. "eBay: On Location is a great way for the seller community to come together and share those strategies–and learn something new from experts."

John Janstch, marketing and digital technology coach, is among the well-known experts who will join eBay: On Location as a speaker. Author of Duct Tape Marketing – The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide, he coaches small businesses every day through his award-winning Duct Tape Marketing blog and small-business system and will instruct attendees on how to leverage social networking tools to grow their businesses on eBay. Additional guest speakers are to be announced.

Sellers may register for the first eBay: On Location event in Atlanta ebayonlocationevents.com.

Attendance is limited to 500 per event; registration is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of attending each event is $45 per registrant; sellers who register on or before 11:59 p.m. PST on Feb. 16 will be eligible for a discounted rate of $35 per registrant.