eBay Offering Free Listings, Any Starting Price

Have some cards you’ve been wanting to put on eBay but just never got around to it?  This might be a good time to just do it.

eBay has brought back what was a very successful December promotion–free listings with no real stipulations.

Sellers can list up to 100 auction style listings between now and February 8 for free and there’s no minimum starting price.

eBay currently offers free auction listings as long as there’s no reserve price and you’re willing to start the bidding at 99 cents.  That’s a bit of a risk for sellers who must sell even if 99 cents is the only bid.  The current promotion eliminates that element.  You pay only if your item sells.

Those who have eBay Store subscriptions aren’t eligible.

If you’re selling, it helps to offer what people are searching for and according to eBay, the hot searches in the sports memorabilia category include these terms:

  • auto
  • baseball cards
  • 1-1
  • Exquisite
  • Stephen Strasburg
  • Michael Jordan
  • auto lot
  • lot
  • hot pack
  • auto

Here’s the link to the selling page.