eBay Giving Away 5 Free Listings Per Month

eBay is hoping to spread some listing fee love by giving away a few.

eBay has launched its five free insertion fees pricing for sellers. The new money-saving offering allows consumers to receive free insertion fees on five auction-style listings every 30 days.

Said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay Marketplaces. “By eliminating the upfront costs of selling on eBay, we hope this new structure will encourage all sellers – new, occasional or experienced – to use the offering as a cost-effective way to sell on our site and earn a little extra cash.”

The free listings are available for all that are submitted through eBay`s standard Sell Your Item or Simple listing form. The free listings will carry a Final Value Fee of 8.75% or $20, whichever is lower. That’s a bit higher than the usual FVF.

For additional listings, regular fees will apply Insertion fees range from 10 to 15 cents for listings with starting or reserve prices of 1 to 99 cents, to $4 for starting or reserve prices of $500 or more.