eBay Debuts Setify; New Site Aimed at Collectors and Collections

It’s not ready for sports collectors yet and the whole concept is still in beta testing, but eBay is launching something called Setify, which it says can be used to create and share collections online.

It’s the latest in a string of moves this year aimed at reaching out to collectors, including the current free listing promotion in the Sports Memorabilia and Card category.

Setify allows users to keep an online database of items they already own as well as build wish lists tied to eBay.  As of now, it’s limited to coin and comic book collections but expect that to expand in the coming months, if not weeks.

Your items don’t need to be on eBay to be posted to Setify.  Users will be allowed to upload pictures of items in their own collections and create, essentially, want lists.  Mobile apps that are forthcoming would, for instance, be designed for users to essentially take their collection with them and utilize the app to keep it updated when they’re out and about, such as at a card show.

It’s sort of a return to eBay’s roots.  The auction portal’s early growth was in collectible categories as buyers began to use it extensively in the mid-late 1990s.

Collectors who dabble in coins and comic books can request an invitation to try it out at eBay.com/setify.

Sharing collections in a virtual platform also gives eBay the reach into social networking they’ve been craving.  The question is…will collectors use it?