eBay Cuts Listing Fees for Small Sellers

Selling on eBay is about to get cheaper, at least for those willing to offer a very low minimum bid.

eBay has announced more changes in its selling fees, with the latest round of adjustments favoring those who sell low priced items like baseball and other sports cards.

Beginning on March 30, sellers who list items with a minimum bid of under $1 won’t pay anything for up to 100 items per month. Final value fees are moving up slightly–from 8.75% per month to 9%.

eBay’s current listing fee structure charges sellers a tiered rate that ranges from fifteen cents for starting bids listed at under $1 up to $4 for those with an opening bid of $500 or more.

The moves are a continued shift by eBay to move its business model back toward the company’s roots as a selling platform for those who sell only limited numbers of lower-priced items.

"With no or low Insertion Fees for Auction-style listings—plus the fact that Auction-style listings get an automatic boost in search results when they’re about to end—the new standard rates are a great value if you sell occasionally or sell to earn extra cash," the company stated in its announcement.

Those who operate eBay stores will also see changes including potentially much lower per-item listing fees but at a higher monthly "subscription" cost.

For complete details on the new pricing structure, click here.