eBay Championship Rings Often the Real Deal

Championship rings are among the most coveted collectibles in the entire world of sports memorabilia.  The most in demand championship rings are the authentic, original rings given to team members and staff. Yes, they can be purchased from various sources. You just have to know where to look and despite skeptics, eBay championship rings are often the most bargain priced.  eBay is wheRays American League Championship ringre desperate sellers turn when the need fast cash.  The owner’s loss can be the collector’s gain.

Championship rings are made and sold on both the college and professional levels. Obviously, an actual Super Bowl ring is going to be one of the most expensive items on the market.  Players and others in championship organizations sell for a variety of reasons.  To pay drug debts, to cover the cost of a divorce, to cover debts of another nature and sometimes they’re sold as part of an estate.

Before we get involved with the higher end, let’s take a look at some basics of other types of championship rings such as replicas and salesman’s samples. Acquiring them can indeed save you a pretty penny and some of them eventually increase in value and demand, becoming good investments in the long term. Like any investments, there are risks associated, but that’s true on any level of collecting.

Replica Super Bowl ring SaintsReplica rings can be created for a variety of reasons, but you need to find out whether the replica includes the same elements as the original from the pure jewelry standpoint.  Often the design is the same as the ones given to members of the winning organization, but they’re really costume jewelry.  Collectible in their own right, and certainly reasonable in terms of cost, but not exactly an heirloom.  Replica championship rings can vary widely in price depending on the craftsmanship and elements used.

Let’s take a closer look at salesman’s samples that one often sees in eBay auctions. Generally, these samples were used to market the authentic rings to the teams themselves. Sometimes, they are made of genuine gold (often ten karat). Occasionally, however, they are made of what is called “Gold Tone Celestrium.” Celestrium is actually a brand name for a type of stainless steel. This particular type of stainless steel is used in jewelry manufacturing on a rather frequent basis. It looks a lot like white gold, but it is much less expensive… and significantly more durable. In addition to being highly resistant to any kind of chemical reaction, it’s very strong and easily maintained.  These rings are almost identical to the ones given to the players, coaches and staff.

National championship ring MiamiThe best way to shop online for championship rings is to browse through all of the listings to get a feel for what’s available.  Read the history behind some of the rings.  It’s rare to find any championship ring from a college or pro level at less than $500–and most will run $1500 and up.  Even minor league baseball championship rings are sought after by collectors.  The seller is anxious to move his merchandise, so he should be willing to disclose the provenance of the ring; who owned it, when it was created and for what specific championship team.

eBay championship rings will not always come cheap, even though they’re not being featured in major sports memorabilia catalog auctions.  Collectors scour the listings each day.  However, because it’s such an easy, fast and familiar way for anyone to sell and the turnaround time is quick, eBay is where many championship rings are sold.  It’s the most active marketplace and one that can produce some terrific bargains on these unique pieces of sports history.

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