eBay Card of the Day: Sidney Crosby ‘The Cup’ Rookie

The 2014 Winter Olympics are now in full stride and during these games we’ll meet some new stars who earn gold in Sochi.  The 2014 heroes will join those athletes who have come before including such greats as Eric Heiden, Mike Eurizone,  Franz Klammer and Jean-Claude Killy.   In 2010, the great hockey player Sidney Crosby joined that elite group as he scored the “golden goal” to conclude an incredible game between the USA and Canada for the gold medal. Crosby’s goal ended the contest in what is now regarded as one of the 10 greatest games ever played.

2005-06 The Cup Sidney Crosby rookie autoOn top of that, Crosby was also part of an incredible hockey rookie class which also included sharp shooter Alexander Ovechkin. The long-term battle between those two would continue for many years to come with fans hoping each player’s greatness will propel both them and their teams to some unforgettable playoff series. Each of these two players has led the NHL in various offensive categories and will continue to be among the scoring leaders each year they are healthy.

For collectors, high end rookie cards of NHL stars can be found in issues like Upper Deck’s The Cup.  In cooperation with eBay, our Card of the Day is this 2005-06 Crosby rookie card.  It’s among the highest valued modern era hockey cards you’ll find.

If that copy is no longer available or has been grabbed by a collector you can find other copies of that card or other early The Cup Crosby cards here.

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