eBay Card of the Day: Remembering the Refrigerator

In pop music there is a term called one-hit wonders. That means these artists had one and only one hit and then disappeared back into the obscurity they usually came from.  Sometimes these songs fade out of our consciousness rapidly to be remembered only by extreme pop music fans like myself (how about Robin McNamara with Lay a Little Loving on Me) or sometimes the songs are never to be forgotten (Los Del Rio with The Macarena). If you are of a certain age it’s pretty hard to forget The Macarena, which was a huge hit in the mid-1990’s.

Refrigerator Perry rookie cardAlthough he played for ten seasons, in 1985, pro football had sort of a one-season wonder with a young gap-toothed defensive lineman out of Clemson named William Perry. The reason he became so famous was he was placed into the Chicago Bears’ backfield in goal line situations. In fact, when Monday Night Football was still on ABC he gained a ton of fame for steam-rolling Packers linebacker George Cumby. Later that season, Perry would score three regular season touchdowns and then one in the Super Bowl. Perry was so beloved that in the off-season it seemed as if every commercial featured his smile.

Perry was a pretty fair run defensive lineman in his day, playing in 138 games, recording 29 ½ sacks and recovering five fumbles, which he returned for a total of 71 yards.

PerryRCThe Fridge was a first round draft pick whose weight made him a curiosity right from the beginning. Topps, which then had the only license to produce NFL football cards, had put Perry in its 1986 set. While the card has been far surpassed over the years by other rookie cards in the set including, of course, Jerry Rice, his card will always be popular with Bears fans who remember that memorable 1985 season punctuated by their Super Bowl victory and the equally famous Super Bowl Shuffle video.

Famous as he was for a short time, The Fridge isn’t going to make the Hall of Fame and his cards can be had for a buck or two.  Our Card of the Day, in cooperation with eBay, is this autographed copy, authenticated by PSA/DNA.  The Fridge even added his jersey number.

You can find more of his cards here.

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